Thursday, 29 August 2013

Introduction to Qt (cute)

After the successful session on Android GLUG-PACE decided to conduct a session on Qt  on 11/08/2013. Unfortunately, we couldn't conduct the session since we had a full working day. So, we thought to conduct it on 15/08/2013 (Thursday) as some of the CS batches had a half-day holiday.
Though we had less no of students participated, it was successful.

Nawaf Abdul from 7th semester initiated the session by introducing the concepts of Qt and continued by demonstrating how to use a Qt creator, create widgets, use various tools and so on. The session also included hands on at the end.

Any suggestions on improving the sessions can be commented below.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

GLUG Session1 - Android

Dated: 3/8/2013

Today was our first GLUG session for the year 2012-2013.
The session was on Android.

Since Android has made great sway on today's generation we thought Android would be a great start, and it was. We were actually amazed to see all, including the newly recruited GLUG members actively participating, working, making best use of the time.

The session was conducted by Ashwin Valento and Devprasad Adapa both from 7th sem CS.

Ashwin introduced the concepts of Android and Devaprasad continued the session by some practical demos and hands on.

The Session was a great success!!! and this was known only when students demanded for another session of Android, which we have decided to conduct in the coming weeks.

Any suggestions and quarries - please comment below!   

First GLUG meet 2013-2014

Dated:  2/8/2013

It was Friday afternoon when we decided to have our first GLUG(GNU Linux Users Group) meet for the year 2013-2014. The main agenda was to unite all our GLUG members and discuss about the upcoming events for the year.

The meet started by discussing about the commencement of the events to be held in our college in the month of September and October. We decided to celebrate free software day in September by conducting a two day workshop in Python programming language, followed by the Byte Struct event in the month of October.

This time we are extending our GLUG activity by helping the students in the community, which was proposed by our new GLUG member Ruhia (3sem EC) who is a member of MAD (Make A Difference) MAD is a non-profit organization which helps under privileged students learn. Ruhia was helping these kids learn English. We under the name of GLUG Mangalore decided to help them learn computers and guide them use open source software, so we decided to free ourselves on weekends and take part in this activity.